Channel Messaging

Discover the magic of Channels.

Create private and public channels for anything worth doing and everything worth discussing.

Turn on your team's channel.

Channels are where ideas percolate and execution comes to life. Get a business discussion brewing and use Channels to make it happen. Channels come equipped with all kinds of amazing features that keep your team’s communication moving and collaboration grooving.

Turn up the conversation.

Dial up the dialogue and work smarter when you connect with colleagues in Channels. Encourage teammates to share files, give insights, and offer feedback to keep your work moving forward and to bring your projects to fruition faster.

Go public or
keep it private.

Start a Channel for literally anything. Create a Public Channel to lead a general discussion or a Private Channel to dive deep into a team-focused agenda. Communication is easy when all your conversations happen in Channels.

Public Channels

Public Channels are accessible to everyone in your company. Use them for big announcements, general updates, or common interests.

Private Channels

Private Channels are for special projects that need to be kept under wraps or for 1:1s and team discussions that require confidentiality.

All Channels Feed

No more digging through notifications. See your most recent messages regardless of what Channel they’re in.

Channel Directory

Easily search for company contacts and Channels without having to rummage through every conversation.

Productivity Features

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Security Features

Learn how Flock keeps your business secure.

App Integrations

Connect your favorite business tools to Flock.

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Flock powers more than your communication. It gives you a full suite of premium features and tools to help move your business forward.

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