I like to write.


Say hello to my little friends.

I used to pass notes in class, all the words past the margins. Now I write to support my crackers and licorice habit. I also help startups do things and break stuff.

“The first draft of anything is sh*t.”


Boston, Mass.

More than words.

I’m more than just a writer, ya know. So when I’m not doing the write thing like you read about, I’m padding my portfolio with the skills to pay the bills.

Lil' Fun Fact

The couple who produced Extreme’s More Than Words music video also directed Little Miss Sunshine. We were neighbors in Venice Beach for three years.


Velosa Co.

The Family Biz
Wicked Smart Club

Wicked Smart Club

The Side Hustle

Mailer Daemon

All work and no play makes me wanna tip up my cup and throw my hands up. Besides, whatcha think I write for, to push a RAV4? Gas up the Vespa, I’m goin’ up the country